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What the heck is a Smartwolff™?

Smart refers to innovative, intelligent thinking and actions. This site is designed to be a place that small business owners, managers and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn how to avoid negative scenarios and gain positive experiences by sharing knowledge. We will provide ways to help you network with others with similar concerns and present you resources to grow your business as well as give you opportunity to promote what you have to offer. It will always be a "work in progress" reflecting the needs of visitors and in particular those who join the WolffPack™

Wolff relates to Les Wolff, CEO of the Smart Marketing Group, a marketing professional with almost 5 decades of "hands on" experience in all aspects of the sales, marketing and management spectrum. Plus he has developed a resource network with more than a 1,000 years of experience and expertise to share with visitors to this site and in particular to those who chose to join the WolffPack™.

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